Who we are

FORT Institute is situated in Coimbatore. It was established on 2009 with the
Co-ordinates of INDIRA GANDHI INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION. FORT Institute is providing several short term and long term courses on C, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, .NET, JAVA, J2EE, Multimedia 2D, 3D animation, VFX.

Our Institute is famous for delivering its commendable assistance in shaping the career progression for the high focus to the students. CAD is a course which involves in making any product related to various uses and industries such as civil architecture, Mechanical CAD, Electrical CAD.

As well said “You are obtaining from true knowledge without a good teacher” our institute understands this very well. We have a team of highly experienced and Professional mentors for institute. Our trainees have received awards and recognition from our organization in various fields.

Why Choose Us

Fort Computer Education holds an impressive proven track record of offering certified courses to the students. Situated at prime location of Coimbatore, the institute is among the most affordable options in the city. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure which aids us in offering campus's best-in class classes withpersonalised teaching and individual attention. At Fort Computer Education, we welcome each and every student to achieve his/her educational goals and analyze their potential in the long journey of education.


Fort Computer Education is a prestigious institute offering Computer Certification Courses in Coimbatore.We are known for Software, Hardware & Networking Course
Fort Computer Education is to provide modern facilities that are conducive to learning and adaptable to the latest technology set-up
Class Rooms - The institute is equipped with modern infrastructure like wide air-conditioned class room with facilities like on Expertise teaching, seminar room with audio visual facilities for presentation
IT Infrastructure - We have desktops virtualization to run multiple OS on a single physical system and share the underlying hardware resources
Local Area Network -Structured Network, Backup Uplink, CAT6 Ethernet supports up to 1 Gbps
Wi-Fi Campus - Seamless connectivity, Easy to connect any wi-fi supported device, Multiple security on wireless traffic using wireless controller
Computer Lab Facilities for 3D, 2D Animation
Other specific facilities - There is open access for books and journal. There is a rich collection of project reports and study materials
Laboratories with 1:1 computer ratio and Internet facility