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Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop 1

The road which led to photo editing was never so interesting. The automatic options infuse life to your images making your work ‘the talk of the town’ even if you are a newbie. With Photoshop you can easily combine multiple images and even remove unwanted objects from the image. It offers basic features like perspective correction, channel mixing, and clone stamp tool. Photoshop runs on both Windows and Mac. Photoshop is also considered as one of the best graphic design software for beginners as it comes with simplified options like:

Basic : Cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping.
Auto-Fix: One touch adjustment.
Blemish Removal: Ability to remove any spot or dirt from the image.
Colors: Slide controls to enhance the colors of the image.
One-Touch filter: 20 eye-catching effects to choose from.
Image Rendering: Panoramic image option.
Borders: Add your personal touch.
RAW photo support: RAW format support.
Sharing: via sites like Facebook, Revel, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.
Video editing is smooth.
The crop tool is quite effective.
Performance is highly improved.
No perpetual license.
The interface is crushing.
Some tools lack progress bar visibility.
Adobe Illustrator. Graphic mean illustrator :) love it+41. ...

If you want to use vector art to create pvtlogoalts, sketches, typography, icons or even complex illustrations for videos or mobile then Illustrator is the tool for you. You can create artwork with seamless alignment by drawing pixel-perfect shapes. With Illustrator designing could never be faster. Illustrator comes with its own plugins that help in making a blank web page into a brilliant looking web page. Some plugins are made for older versions of Ai and have a zest of new features for new versions like Creative Cloud, making it an ideal graphic design software. Being part of Creative Cloud, you get to use the app on both your desktop and Mac.

The Free Transform tool is very simple to use.
Availability for Windows and Mac.
The price is high.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5.

Are you an aspiring web designer and looking for a graphics editor that gives you the ability to create infinite designs without any restrictions while honing your skills at the same time? If so, you might want to check out CorelDraw, a vector graphics editor, that is hands down one of the most popular Industry Standard editors presently. CorelDraw has some cool productive functions and such an ease of use that no other vector editor can match up to.

The tools give you full control so you can get fast and dynamic results. With CorelDraw version X5 and above, you get an inbuilt organizer (Corel CONNECT) also.

With tools like Twirl, Smear, Repel and Attract – vector object editing was never so easy. The Alignment guide enables you to position objects as per your requirement. CorelDraw works smoothly with large files in Corel Photo-Paint, making it a must-have in the graphic design software list. It also supports apps like Barcode wizard, Duplexing wizard, Bitstream Font Navigator, etc.

The interface customization is ideal.
The design is very fresh.
The training videos are very helpful.
Choose from perpetual license or subscription.
The right-click gives awesome vectorization.
Shaping docker gives maximum usage.
No Mac version.
Navigation is not easy.
Navigation board is not visible.
Tools are hard to learn for newbies.
The freehand brush is hard to use.
Adobe Indesign.

Backed by the Adobe brand, InDesign is the business leader for creating clean layouts for desktop and mobile devices alike. Adobe InDesign is ideal for layout design usage like online magazines. Whether you want to create layouts for printed books, brochures or digital magazines Adobe InDesign is the tool you need. The flexibility is great as it allows you to easily drag-drop isolated layers and you can resize images with ease. Being part of Creative Cloud you get easy access to the desktop app for PC and Mac. You also get the comparison app Comp CC available for tablets and Smartphone devices including 29 desktop apps and 10 mobile apps.

You can also use Behance and Typekit services that enable you to connect your workflow between photography, videos, designing and web or app development. With Adobe Creative Sync you can share or sync all your work between your desktop and mobile apps so you can work efficiently. Once you join as a member you will get the latest updates and new features with installation decision being solely yours.

The combining of text and graphics becomes easy.
The learning curve is very low, ideal for newbies.
The features that come with InDesign are unbelievable.
Limited tools for creating graphics.
The graphics tools are not as powerful.
The adjustment of photos is limited as this is not a photo-editing software.

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