What You Study :


Introduction to Engineering Computations

Applications of Computers in Engineering
Recent Advances in Computing
Computer Hardware Concepts
Operating System Concepts
Computer Networking Concepts
Hardware-Software Life Cycle
Principles of Engineering Software Design
Computer Programming Language Concepts
When to Program in MATLAB
Review Questions
Review Exercises
Introduction to MATLAB

Getting Started
Professional and Student Versions of MATLAB
Variables and Variable Arithmetic
Matrices and Matrix Arithmetic
Control Structures
General-Purpose Matrix Functions
Program Development with M-Files
Engineering Applications
Review Questions
Programming Exercises

MATLAB Graphics

Simple Two-Dimensional Plotting
Three-Dimensional Plots
Mesh and Surface Plotting
Contour Plots
Hard Copies of MATLAB Graphics
Preparing MATLAB Graphics for the World Wide Web
Review Questions
Programming Exercises
Solution of Linear Matrix Equations

Definition of Linear Matrix Equations
Hand Calculation Procedures
Types of Solutions for Systems of Linear Matrix Equations
Case Study Problem : Three Linear Matrix Equations
Singular Systems of Matrix Equations
Engineering Applications
Review Questions
Programming Exercises

Training Mode

Weekends (Sat/Sun)
Only Sundays

How to Apply:

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