What You Study :


Project Life Cycle
Introduction about Projects
Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Primavera
Chapter 2
Structuring the Project
Setting up Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
Setting up Organisational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
User Administration
User control & Limited Access Provisions
Setting up Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Chapter 3
Codes, Notebooks & Calendars
Project Codes
Resource Codes
Activity Codes
Global Calendar
Chapter 4
Project Time Management
Defining & Creating Project Activities
Activity Types
Duration Types
Percentage Completion Types
Activity Resource units loading

Chapter 5
Project Resource management
Types of Resources
Units of Measures
Creating Resource
Default & Maximum units per time
Creating Roles
Bucket Loading
Chapter 6
Project Cost Management
Project Funding Sources
Activity Costing
Estimating Budgeted and Actual cost for Activities
Cost Comparison Analysis
Chapter 7
Project Risk Management
Identifying Project Risk
Categorizing Risk
Risk Status
Analysing Pre-Risk Impact
Setting Risk control plan

Chapter 8
Project Monitoring & Control
Setting up & Assigning Baselines
Apply Actuals
Progress Update
Look Ahead Schedule
Delay Impact Analysis
Earned Value Analysis
Chapter 9
Template Reporting
Manual Reporting
Report Batches
Procurement Report
Project Progress Report
Schedule Comparison Report

Chapter 10
Other Features
Project Portfolio Management
User Defined Fields
Global Change
Chapter 11
Managing Multiple Projects
Project Work Products & Documents
Creating Layouts
Store Period Performances
Recalculate Assignment Cost