What You Study :


Chapter 1
Working with a Project
Navigation between views
Chapter 2
Setting up Levels and Grids
Placing Grid Lines
Creating Levels

Chapter 3
Working with Views
Creating Elevations
Creating Sections
Creating Callouts
Chapter 4
Editing Elements
Selecting Elements for Editing
Working with Temporary Dimensions

Chapter 5
Modifying Objects
Basics: Move, Copy, Rotate, Array and Mirror
Advanced: Align, Split, Offset, Trim and Extend
Chapter 6
Creating an Architectural Underlay
Working with Architectural Underlays
Importing and Linking CAD Files
Linking Revit Projects
Copying and Monitoring Elements
Chapter 7
Adding Columns and Walls
Placing Structural and Slanted Structural Columns
Drawing and Modifying Walls

Chapter 8
Adding Foundations
Strip Footings
Step and Spread Footings
Piers and Pilasters
Structural Slabs
Chapter 9
Structural Reinforcement
Cover Depth
Adding Rebar
Area and path reinforcement

Chapter 10
Beams and Framing systems
Adding Beams and Beam Systems
Modifying Beams
Labeling Framing
Chapter 11
Brace Frames
Framing Elevations
Adding Bracing

Chapter 12
Column Schedules
Modifying Schedules
Other Schedules
Legend Views
Chapter 13
Annotating Details
Creating Details
Setting Up Detail Views
Creating Sheets
Printing Sheets