What You Study :


Chapter 1
Introduction –Getting started-Work window learn –controls (Mouse & keyboard)
Chapter 2
Object placements-nature objects- transport objects –mass placement of objects –edit tools.

Chapter 3
Indoor objects –people and animals-outdoor objects-more, copy, rotate and resize Objects – lightning effects.
Chapter 4
Effects library – sound library –edit effects and sound.

Chapter 5
Import model, edit materials (Indoor, outdoor, nature, custom) – materials property editor
Chapter 6
Landscape – height- paint landscape- water - ocean- grass- domain- (make flat, mountain, import, and export)

Chapter 7
Whether-sun direction- sun position –day straight-brightness-cloud creation –edits cloud position.
Chapter 8
Export –image creation – motion capture-photo with effects, motion with effects-animating objects-create movies (Render).

Training Mode

Weekends (Sat/Sun)
Only Sundays

How to Apply:

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